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Retirement Planning

You've worked your entire life to get to retirement...

...Now that your retired, will your money stretch far enough?

A Fixed Annuity with an Income Rider provides safety of premium and a guaranteed income for life.


Life Insurance

Life Insurance typically comes in two forms, Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance. Which one is the right one for you and which one is going to not only protect you and your family but provide a vessel for your retirement?



What is an Annuity? Put simply, an Annuity is a financial product that an individual pays into for a set amount of time. Once the Annuity matures the individual is guaranteed steady payments during their retirement years. There are many ways how an Annuity can be structured in both the investment phase and retirement phase to fit your personal needs.



Money is Taxed in 1 of 3 ways

  • Fully Taxable as Ordinary Income
  • Taxable as a Long or Short Term Capital Gain


Similar to diversifying your investments, your assets can be structured to provide diversified taxation. Those who strategically convert fully taxable assets into TAX FREE assets will benefit. Those who build TAX FREE assets can benefit from an overall reduced income tax bracket later in life. TAX FREE LIFE ADVISORS can assist with planning, strategies, and implementation of a Diversified Tax Planning portfolio.


National Debt

Will taxes stay the same, be lower, or go higher?

With the estimated total U.S. Government’s unfunded liabilities topping $86.8 Trillion* many believe that higher taxes are inevitable.

If there is a good chance that tax rates will be higher in the future, would it not be prudent to do some tax free planning today?

Top Marginal Tax Rates have been dramatically higher in our nations past and it could happen again. Our Financial Professionals with TAX FREE LIFE ADVISORS are looking forward to helping you understand, plan, and implement strategies that will reduce or eliminate your future tax burden.

-Cox & Archer: "Why $16 Trillion only hints at the true US Debt” Wall Street Journal, November 26,2012


Social Security

Social Security is an essential part of your financial future and planning properly can make a huge difference to you and your families' wealth. Tens of Millions of Americans have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars simply because they weren't aware of strategies that will increase their retirement benefits from Social Security. Did you know...

  • Social Security Benefits can amount to more than $1,000,000 for the average American Family?
  • Filing for Social Security without proper planning could cost you HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN BENEFITS?
  • There are 516 different ways to file for Social Security and 567 different filing options for married couples?
  • There are 81 different combinations for married couples to consider when filing for benefits
  • There are strategies like "File and Suspend" that can provide FREE $$$ from Social Security?
  • Social Security Benefits can be subject to income taxation in certain scenarios.

This is a decision that is too big to make without knowing all the facts. A TFLA financial professional can show you how to maximize your Social Security Benefits at NO COST TO YOU and how to coordinate your retirement savings benefits to create a continuous retirement income that you cannot outlive GUARANTEED.


Rich Man's ROTH IRA

A "Rich Man's ROTH IRA" has No Income Limitation and Unlimited Contributions unlike a traditional ROTH IRA, and has the Same TAX FREE BENEFITS. Money is taxed as it's contributed to your fund, you receive tax free benefits, and as your money grows it earns intrest tax free. Contact us today to learn more about the "Rich Man's ROTH IRA".