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National Debt

The official U.S. National Debt is greater than $16.4 Trillion.

Current Estimated Debt:

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Social Security

After 2020, the Treasury will redeem trust fund assets in amounts that exceed interest earnings until exhaustion of trust fund reserves in 2033, three years earlier than projected last year.

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Rich Man's Roth IRA

Tax Differed Growth with no income limitation and unlimited contributions unlike the Governments ROTH IRA retirement program.

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What does this all mean to you?

If you are the Federal Government and know that this financial catastrophe is building momentum and has the ability to destroy the financial solvency of the entire country, what do you do? The only answer is to "Raise Revenue" to pay down the debt and keep Social Security and Medicare solvent. How does the Federal Government raise revenue?

Answer: The Internal "Revenue" Service, IRS. With this in mind, do you believe that in the future, taxes will be lower, stay the same, or be higher? If you answered "higher", my next question is this, when should you do tax planning; in the future after taxes have already gone higher or today when we know what we are dealing with?


As the chart above shows there have been times in our nations history within the past 100 years where the top marginal tax brackets have been as high as 90+%.

Let TFLA show you how to build wealth at the same time as you build TAX FREE assets.

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